šaleški akademski pevski zbor

14.5. 2015

The amateur culture week (15-24. 5.2015)

Slovenia, with the amateur culture for the second time this year, joining the European countries, which each year across cultural creators and draw attention to the importance of quality and the chance the amateur culture in modern society. Be an amateur culture week is marked by cultural events throughout Slovenia and abroad in cooperation with the cultural societies of Slovenia and through regional outposts HP serves along with numerous cultural associations and their federations, cultural institutions, local communities, schools, kindergartens, libraries, museums ...

The academic choir of the šaleška dolina in the context of the week amateur culture of 2015 is preparing a concert at which we present selected parts of sacral music heritage, all from the Renaissance to the contemporary period. With the realization of the concert we want to offer listeners a chance to get at if you pace the daily routine stop and flavours satisfy the spiritual need that carries each of us and from which sacred music primarily is derived.


In the framework of the project to cordially invite you to an evening of music in our society, which will be on Wednesday, 20. 5. in 2015, in the Church of St. Martin in London.

10.3. 2015


tickets will be from Wednesday onwards, can be purchased at the Festival.

Mon-Thu 9-17
five 9-13
Contact telephone number (the Festival): 03 898 2590
The price is 8 €.

18.11. 2014


In the month of November will be auditioning for new singers. In the choir are accepting all of the male voices, as well as the women's 1. soprano. If you want to spend your evenings in good company Friday and even better music, then write the chorus to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange an appointment.